Vaastu Science – A Holistic Concept

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June 15, 2020
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An ancient science from India that was lost in the oblivion, gained acceptance in the last decade and a half. Yes, Vaastu science has gone through various trials and tribulations over the centuries due to its mythology heavy presentation. However, in the last several years, more scientific backing has brought Vaastu back into the picture.

Homes build as per the rules of Vaastu science are bestowed with peace and harmony. It is due to this reason that people hire the experts of Vaastu Shastra to guide them through. Those who consider their homes as the architects of their destinations are meticulous and follow the useful tips of Vaastu Shastra for the house.

We are bio-electro magnetic beings that thrive well when we are in tune with our environment. Any disturbance in our living or working environment as its adverse effect on our day to day life. That is where Vaastu science comes into the picture. The core principle of of vaastu compliance is to create conducive environment for the dwellers of a house to ensure their maximum health and well-being.

Vaastu is primarily an architectural science, but it also about balancing the energies of a dwelling place. Happy and healthy living is the right of every individual, lest we are ignorant to this wonderful science. There is no magic or miracle about  vaastu science, it’s all about clearing of energy blockages in our environment that leads to improvement in health, finances, relationships, decision making and overall prosperity.

There is a surge in learning vaastu science by people of all walks of life – be it a housewife, business owner, job worker, professional or even a student. Learning this holistic science helps people to build a part time as well as a full time career. A lot of offline as well as online courses are available, right from basic to advanced level vaastu.

When we look closely, the world of vaastu science is very fascinating and full of new surprises. It is still a mystery for those who look at it only at a surface level. More and more people are demanding vaastu compliant designs from architects and interior designers, whether for home or office. Professional vaastu experts are in more demand than ever.

At Geosols Consulting Pvt Ltd, we are also dedicated towards holistic approach towards vaastu science. We use latest scientific gadgets to diagnose various vaastu defects so as to provide accurate remedies. We don’t work only on the structural level, but also on telluric and cosmic level of vaastu. This means we don’t limit our professional vaastu services only to architectural defects, but also to detection of negative radiations, aura of humans and buildings, gemology, colour therapy etc.

We also believe in spreading awareness about vaastu science so that we can help clear various misconceptions associated with this wonderful field. We also provide online courses through Geosols ViVa (Virtual Vaastu) where one can learn how to build a part time or full time career in vaastu.

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