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May 29, 2020
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June 19, 2020
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Years back I was busy discussing vaastu compliant home design for a client, when one of client’s friends curiously asked – what’s the purpose of vaastu compliant architectural designs? After all a design is a design. I liked his curiosity and simply replied that the basic purpose of vaastu designs is to nourish the well-being of the dwellers to affect their overall wellness, growth and prosperity in life. He looked perplexed. So I explained to him that everything around us is electromagnetic frequencies.

These frequencies create an environment for anything that is in their vicinity, whether living or non-living. The living beings, like we humans, are also affected by these electromagnetic frequencies, and since living things have bio, which means life, they possess bioelectromagnetic frequencies, resonating with the living environment.

Our living environment has a profound effect on our life. Vaastu compliant designs ensure free flow of electromagnetic frequencies in any building with a closed boundary. Everyone talks about flow of energies in a closed boundary space, but let’s have a layman’s take on this.

Let’s say a person is sitting in a room with wall mounted fan running in full speed but still feeling very hot and sweaty. His friend comes and sees his situation and realises that the wall mounted fan is facing the other side, and all the air blown by it is going to the opposite direction, causing much discomfort to the guy in the room. The friend simply changes the direction of the fan towards this guy and the air now blows towards him, adding great relief to him.

Everything was then and there in the room, nothing changed, but a simple change in direction of flow of air (energy) added so much comfort to that man. This is exactly what vaastu does. There is no hidden magic behind it, just the fact that energy is constantly flowing around  us, and all we need is to create conducive environment by the way of vaastu conscious designs to ensure free flow of energies. We constantly resonate with the energies and frequencies around us so it is imperative to apply vaastu principles while designing our homes or workplaces to ensure overall health, wealth and prosperity. There has been a surge in vaastu compliant designs for more than a decade now, so a majority of architects/ interior designers are taking up vaastu courses as a value addition proposition to their services.

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