The Insidious Phenomenon Inside Our Premise?

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June 15, 2020
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Geopathic energy is an insidious phenomenon: we cannot see it or adequately explain it in current scientific terms. That’s the reason why people are not even aware that they are being exposed to the harmful radiations. This opens a Pandora’s Box for mild to serious lifestyle concerns like – headaches, bodyaches, depression, constant fights, relationship issues, lack of concentration, learning disabilities, miscarriages, infertility and may even lead to secondary stage of cancer.

Geopathic energies that emanate from several hundred feet below the earth – pass through floors, through windows and through closed doors – they do not recognise boundaries, walls and fences. Enhancing a building only in Vastu or Fengshui domain doesn’t really help much, as the problem in many cases is not structural but telluric in nature.  This is like treating a severe stomach ache by applying an ointment on the tummy, while the problem lies unattended deep inside. Sleeping or sitting in a geopathic stress zone increases the chances upto secondary stage cancer as the immune system is badly compromised due to the presence of geopathic energies in the building premises. Removing Geopathic Stress may not cure the patient, but it will increase the chances of recovery manifolds.

Geopathic energies are not fixed and stable – they may change according to season or time of day. They may also change because of building work, even if it is being carried out in a house located at a distance. Geopathic energies can be distorted and transferred to buildings other than where work is taking place.

Awareness about Geopathic Stress is still at a very early stage in India, but some day may come when all buildings will be geopathic stress checked/ scanned before construction work starts. It is important to consult a thorough Geopathic Stress Consultant for right diagnosis and remedies to ensure safe, secure and prosperous life.

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