Basics of Vaastu Shastra

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June 19, 2020
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Vaastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings. The term Vaastu or Vastu is derived from the root ‘Vaas’ which means to stay or to dwell. In Sanskrit ‘Vaastu’ means nature, a surrounding or environment conducive for dwelling, following certain principles.

Vaastu Shastra consists of principles and practices for constructing houses for buildings in such a way which ensures a harmonious balance between man and nature and various kinds of forces and energies. The forces and energies include cosmic energy, gravitational forces and electromagnetic waves. Vaastu Shasta helps us to make our lives better and will prevent things and situations from going haywire.

Vaastu Shastra effectively utilises cosmic energy for the advancement of humans. According to Vaastu Shastra, when houses or buildings or any other structures are in harmony with the underlying cosmic principles, they become a part of the basic structure of the universe and pulsate in harmony with it. These positive vibrations are believed to have a positive effect on the inhabitants of the house or any other structures.

Vaastu is the science of directions that combines all the fives elements of nature and balances them with the man and the material. As per Vaastu, the world consists of five elements, also known as the ‘Pancha Bhootas’ – Earth, Water, Air, fire and Space. Our planet ‘Earth’ has life because of the existence of all these five elements. In any home, miseries and sufferings will automatically vanish, if these five elements are correctly positioned in the right directions.

Vaastu Shastra is the only science which explains the ways to maintain best equilibrium of these five elements in a house, building or a structure and make best us of them this maximizes the psychological and physical energies of the dwellers to highest possible degree.

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