History / Story

Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini, founder of Geosols Consulting Pvt. Ltd., is a reputed name in the practice of Geopathic Stress and Vaastu. He is a civil engineer by profession and has dedicated his career in studying and learning deep about the science of Geopathic Stress and Vaastu Shastra. With growing years, he attained success in resolving issues arising due to Geopathic Stress and gained trust of numerous clients from different arenas. His expertise and decades of experience in the said field has enabled him to identify the cause of the problems and provide accurate remedial solutions for the same.

His vision to become the global torchbearer in this incredible field of science has led him to promote the work and results of Vaastu and Geopathic stress. He has embraced several platforms including social media and internet to showcase the technology and modus-operandi of Geosols consulting in evaluating the presence of geopathic stress indicators, measuring levels of energy, Vaastu defects and other relating factors. His high beliefs epitomize his passion and his closely accurate solutions flaunt his expertise in this awestruck science. His leadership and professional guidance is successfully going to let Geosols Consulting Pvt Ltd. accomplish his mission.

What is GS?

The word "Geopathic" is derived from the Greek words, "Geo means The Earth" and "pathos" means suffering, so literally "Suffering of the Earth" or we can say "harmful earth rays" which emanate from the Earth.

Geopathic stress is distorted electromagnetic field of the Earth. The Earth vibrate with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz., which falls within the range of human brainwave. 7.83 Hz. Is natural frequency of Earth's magnetic field can be distorted by underground water streams, geological fault lines, man-made structures such as high-rise buildings, underground metros, steel piling, can cause geopathic stress.

Why choose us?

Geosols Consulting Pvt. Ltd is your right choice if you want to get rid of your geopathic stress in order to live a healthy and peaceful life or if you are seeking effective Vaastu remedies for your house, building or commercial space


We have grown ourselves with time and are proud of our learning, passion and growth.


With innumerable clients to our credit, we ensure to be trustworthy and credible service providers present to serve the masses with the best.


We believe in providing solutions to our clients rather than threatening them with the repercussions of not adhering to Vaastu compliant norms.


We don’t claim ourselves to be perfect. We believe in our expertise and experience which guide us to achieve best probable results.


Under the learned leadership of Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini, we have been rendering effective and best professional consultation to our reputed clients.


We have integrated our knowledge of ancient Vaastu shastra with modern technology to get profound and clear remedial solutions that can keep all kinds of Vaastu defects at bay.