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Detection & Cure Of Geopathic Stress In Your Business Area

If our home is our favorite place then our business is from where we get the fuel to run our favorite place. Here we learn, earn, develop our future and construct a better future. Without successful business place we cannot imagine harmony in our life.

Our work place could be anything like - Industry, Factory, Office, Showroom, Workshop, Institute, Hospital, Restaurant, Film Studios or any Construction site... We always dream to get better and better in our earnings. So let's understand how we can identify Geopathic stress in our Business area.

Symptoms of Geopathic Stress in business area :-

Daily working problems

  • Aggression in workers
  • Instability of staff/ workers.
  • Wrong decisions repeatedly
  • Hypertension
  • Stress
  • Disputes
  • Poor foot-fall in your showroom / retail
  • Disharmony among teachers/staff/workers

Productivity issues

  • Stagnant of final product
  • Quality of product – poor
  • Stuck of final stock / dispatch
  • Lack of orders
  • Product rejection
  • Slow output of product
  • Good preparation of food but no taste
  • More wastage
  • Recovery of patient is very slow
  • No synchronization in order & dispatch
  • Incomplete construction/ Double Triple time to construct

Financial problems

  • Stuck off money flaw
  • Financial crunch in spite of all efforts
  • More Expenditure, less income / profit
  • Unwanted losses
  • In wanted fear / Income tax, sale tax etc.

Technical problems

  • Machinery failure repeatedly
  • Break down in transport
  • Leakage of water /oil repeatedly
  • Retake again & aging in film studios / accidents

Accidents & damages

  • Fire accidents
  • Loss of human body in manufacturing units
  • Cut off-leg/hand
  • Robbery

All these symptoms lead to serious business loss and effect our income, which eventually leads to disharmony in our personal, professional & financial life.