Energy Levels of Buildings

Buildings and plots of land also contain energy. These energy levels differ at every stage of construction and also vary at the time of final completion. People who believe in energy Vaastu are well aware of the impact of the energy levels on people and their purpose for use of that building. Any vital defects with respect to the entry points of buildings, its corners, positioning, or directions of boring, underground water tank, overhead tanks, kitchens, toilets, slopes, road hit, etc. are to be carefully considered and corrected in order to avoid any serious consequences to the occupants.

Geosols Consulting is well verse with energy Vaastu and is equipped with expertise as well as instruments. Our experts accurately measure the energy levels of the buildings and render effective guidance in correcting or enhancing these levels as per scientific requirements for peaceful living. Our guidance and consultation has proven its effectiveness to our clients in terms of prosperity, peacefulness and content-living.