GEM Compatibility

Gemstones are considered sacrosanct and hold cosmic energy from their respective planets. However, it is essential to understand the compatibility of the respective gems that you are carrying or wearing in terms of impact of their energy on your body or work.

We believe that all animate and inanimate things contain energy. Gem is a broad term that comprise of gem-stones, wallets, belts, leather items, metals and alloys. We have the knack of assessing your problems and ascertain the compatibility of gems, if they are the main cause behind these problems. We are equipped with effective and appropriate technical instruments to do the same.

Our experts are capable in analyzing the electro-magnetic vibrations of the gems and its influence on the human aura or body. Our consultations have immensely helped our clients in reducing their geopathic stress and balancing their energy. If you are amidst any chronic problems and are keen to know the cause, then allow us to be your true and reliable guide.