Negative IR Radiations

Infrared Radiations are a kind of electro-magnetic waves that are discovered on the other side of spectrum. With advancement in technology, humans have effectively employed these infrared radiations in several devices such as night-vision goggles, microwaves, communication devices, lasers etc. for human aid and convenience. But, there are negative IR radiations also which are recognized as negative when the frequency of these waves crosses the 700 nanometers. In addition, there are negative ultraviolet radiations i.e. infrared waves with a frequency of less than 400 nanometer.

The after-effects of infrared waves in higher concentration can be seriously dangerous. Any exposure to negative IR radiations can damage eyes, skin or body of living beings on earth. These negative IR radiations can be emitted by the devices used by us in our daily lives also and we stay unaware until it seriously impacts us.

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