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Energy Level Of Buildings

Energy level or Aura of a building is an indication of harmony between solar and electromagnetic radiations present in each room of a building. We spend considerable time in a building – whether at home or at workplace. The energy level of a room has direct impact on its dwellers. A highly positive building ensures better health, concentration power, lesser stress levels, better decision making, peace and harmony among inhabitants while a negative building has a negative effect on health, harmony and overall prosperity. This has a considerable effect on overall productivity and prosperity of people.

However, presence of negative items in rooms indicate a disturbed aura of the building which has its impact on health of its inhabitants causing unnecessary irritations, high stress levels, disturbance in relationships and other mental & health concerns. Negative items could be large amount of junk material present at home, unused items, dirty objects, items made of specific material like metals or plastics like water bottles, utensils, artificial flowers etc.

What we do

We scan each room of a building to assess its positive energy level. If energy level is found less than 100% then we re-scan the room to detect the negative items. Once the negative items are removed from the room, the energy level is again brought back to 100%. This way the energy level of whole building could be made 100% positive, thus ensuring improved prosperity levels of its inhabitants.