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Advance Vaastu & Feng-Shui Consultancy

The first thing that comes to the mind after reading above two names is – Occult or Superstition. However, facing rejections, misconceptions and prejudice over centuries, Vaastu and Feng-Shui are still gaining prominence all over the world. One deals with Architectural Design principles (Vaastu) and other deals with Interior Designing principles (Feng-Shui)

Architectural and Interior design faults effect energy levels of a building and play an important role in causing serious health and financial concerns to the dwellers of a building. Design faults cause poor cross ventilation, improper energy flow and claustrophobic environment in a building, thus causing various health and financial issues as poor health conditions often lead to low productivity levels. Improper usage of colour combinations, wrong usage of idols and paintings also play a big role in degrading the energy levels of a building.

Buildings in ancient times were designed on certain proven principles that ensured perfect integration of solar energy and natural electromagnetic radiations. This was particularly essential for proper flow of energy in a building and very helpful in maintaining high positive energy, good health, better financials, peace and harmony in relationship for dwellers.

However, over the centuries this science was projected as a religion specific occult practice and was almost shunned. During last four decades Vaastu has gained prominence starting from Southern India and if now being slowly accepted in many parts of Northern India also.

In India the ancient principles of architectural design were called Vaastu Shastra as they have a mention in the shastras. Vaastu is derived from Vaas which means ‘a place fit for living’. Feng-Shui has always been famous world-wide and widely accepted in many countries. Vaastu science has started gaining acceptance across the world as people have started to understand the science behind these ancient sciences.

What we do

We have developed a step-by-step system which includes:

  • Determination of exact North Direction of a Premise (considering degree tilted)
  • Exact measurement and mapping of the premise
  • Preparation of a 2-D map of the premise
  • Gridding of Map into 16 directions with exact centre (essential for assessing exact architectural defects)
  • Preparation of file in duplicate (one for office and client each)
  • On-site visit of Building Solutions Specialist for consultation and suitable remedies for any architectural (vaastu) or interior designing (feng-shui) defects.
  • Assessment of harmful radiations, negative items, body aura, cosmic defects etc are also conducted on first visit.
  • Second visit by Building Solutions Specialist within 60 to 90 days of implementation of all suggested remedies.
  • We provide life-long telephonic/email consultation on matters related to file with regard to existing map.

How are we different

S.No. Advance Vaastu Service Vaastu Service
1. Determination of exact directions with the help of a magnetic compass, particularly to determine exact North (with degree tilted). Determination of directions based on position of Sun. Not exact directions in most cases.
2. Complete measurement of premise and preparation of 2-D map. No provision for measurement and mapping.
3. Division of map into 16-directions for study of premise at minute level. This is helpful in determining exact design faults or vaastu defects. Work mostly in 4 or 8 directions maximum.
4. Maintenance of proper file sysem for future references. No file system.
5. USP is providing solutions that do not involve structural changes. Mostly require structural changes.
6. There is a huge variety of remedies which differ according to the issue and corresponding direction. Mostly similar remedies offered for almost all problems.
7. Very cost effective Not cost effective. In fact the solutions mostly incur high cost.
8. Consists of 3 nos. of visits – First visit by draughtsmen for measurement and mapping. Second visit by Advance Vaastu Expert for consultation and remedies. Third visit by Advance Vaastu Expert for re-check purpose. One visit only. No mapping.
9. Highly accurate results Less accuracy in results