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A Sanskrit word Vaastu means " dwelling". VAAS KARNE YOGYA STHAN. Vaastu Shastra is a ancient Hindu System of architecture or we can say " science of architecture". We use this tool as a integration of ancient principles with modern technology to provide better health, wealth and prosperity.

for example :- If you swim with the flow of tides, the force is helpful and you can cover a great distance with little efforts, but if you swim against the tides you will have to put extra efforts and the rate of progress is very slow. Same thing applied on the building. If the building is constant as per Vaastu norms, the dwellers will get more benefit with little efforts.

Our vaastu method :

  • Detect the exact 'North' with degree
  • Snaps of the site.
  • Draw the plan / Design / layout
  • Grid marking on plan with exact North.
  • Study the plan in 16-directions.
  • Disputes
  • File preparation as case study .
  • Site visit by consultant.